Feb 27 2008
07:33 am
By: WhitesCreek

Certain folks around here are disappointed they won't have a snow day off from school today. Look at it this way...Now you folks will have an extra day in May that you won't have to be in doors.

Actually there are 13 days

Actually there are 13 days built into the school calendar for bad weather or sickness. Unless we have more than 13 days off, we don't have to add them to the end of the year. Those days are accumulated because the school day is a little longer (15 min. or 1/2 hour, something like that) than required.

Splain that one, please

That seems to be saying that our students attend school for 13 days more than they should.

Since we haven't had any appreciable snow since 1993, We could move our start date into late August and still have Fall Break.

No, the accumulated days

No, the accumulated days cannot be taken off a school calendar year. As I said, they are built up by going a few minutes extra each day. That's the way the state has mandated those accumulated minutes to be used and they can't be subtracted from the mandated number of required days of a school year.

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