Aug 25 2007
07:21 am
By: WhitesCreek

Out here in Whites Creek gorge we got rain last night. I hope it got over everybody else's way because we needed it badly.

I talked to one "South of the River" gentleman yesterday who said he hadn't had rain in 27 days and was hauling water to the watering holes on his farm because they'd dried up. I happen to know he doesn't have farm animals so he was hauling water simply to help the wildlife.

I appreciate people like that.

Rain & wildlife

That man is a gentleman of the highest order. The animals on my ridge are looking terribly stressed.

I'm putting out water for the birds, rabbits, squirrels, coons, deer, possums and neighborhood cats, dogs and rodentia.

Looks like the heat wave is starting to break. Wish the drought would, too.

Water is put out here too

Water is put out here too since the creek's been dry. The local bobcat always sniffs it, looks as if to say, "Why are you giving me this stuff?" and then completely ignores it after that. But next time the water is always gone.

2007 photo of shy local forest denizen at OneTahiti's place, taken by C. Mead; used with permission.

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-- OneTahiti

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