Feb 24 2008
11:04 am
By: JenniferS

It's such a shame that downtown Harriman is almost empty of business. What is left is looking tatty and tarnished. I don't know who owns the old Princess theatre but its such a shame to see that lovely theatre just sitting there. I don't know what its like inside and this suggestion is probably not even viable, but I'd like to see movies run all day for kids. To at least bring the theatre back from the dead. Maybe have a day of westerns, or comedys, horror and tickets are $5. As I said this is probably not even doable and its just a suggestion to breathe some life back into downtown Harriman before everything is boarded up and left for dead.

Jennifer Smith
Hidden Acres, Harriman

Actually plans are in the

Actually plans are in the works right now to refurbish and open it back up. The owner GAVE the theatre to Harriman and Harriman gave him a 99 year lease on it. That way, they can apply for grants to finish the remodling that has been going on. Plans call for Roane State to hold performances there, a possible radio station broadcasts and matinees and live performances. Read some of Muse Watson's post on this site and you can see that the theatre will have new life breathed into it, and hopefully before too long!

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