Feb 23 2008
08:18 am
By: WhitesCreek

Roane County should only have a County Commission as worthy of trust as they do a School Board.

As a whole the Board stands up to pressure and does a superior job in spite of their challenges with an under achieving County Commission.

They aren't paid.

Folks rarely give them a pat on the back.

The main reason anybody says anything about them is when they don't like some decision the Board has arrived at through painful deliberation and consideration, and I understand the wish to get out of town and be left alone to do their job. Frankly, I trust this group of Board Members to do the right thing, even without the rest of us looking over their shoulders. But that trust is not infinite. I may not trust the next group as much, and the law certainly requires that we be given ample notice and opportunity to observe Board meetings.

Holding a retreat in a foreign County is not the way for our School Board to keep and hold the trust of Roane County Citizens. The reasons they state for this are rather lame, and I personally feel this violates the spirit if not the letter of the Sunshine Law.

Do the members deserve an expense paid weekend in the mountains as a reward for their service? Probably!

Just don't go there with the express purpose of getting away from the "distractions" of dealing with the constraints of open government.

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