Aug 24 2007
09:45 pm

Can anybody help me figure out how to include an image within a blog post ?
I have read the directions and they leave me cold. I am a Newbie at this stuff.

Image example in a post -- for remotely hosted images, plus...


Here's a try. This method is the simplest--no file attachments--but requires that the photo already be hosted someplace on the web, preferably under your control.

To show a remotely hosted image in a comment or blog post:

white-on-white embossed detail in letter from Browning to C.K. Hill in Roane County, July 16, 1924, digitally enhanced

Here's the code for the above image:

The system treats the text between the <code> and </code> tags as HTML.

If you want to center the image, add a <div align="center"> tag just after the <code> tag, and a </div> tag just before the </code> tag. Putting align="center" in the img tag does not work.

To use the file attachment method in a blog post:

  1. First attach the file.
  2. After you finish uploading the file, in theory the URL for the attached file should be shown for your use in the File attachments section of the blog post form. Make a note of this URL; you will need it in a moment.
  3. Next, uncheck the "List" checkbox next to the file in the File attachment section so the system won't later show the attachment list.
  4. Finally, in the body of the create blog form, paste or type the code just like that in the textarea box above, except substitute the URL of the newly attached file for the URL in the above example. You should also put in the correct height and width for your photo, in pixels, and your own alternate text in the alt attribute. Put the code in the body of the message right where you want the photo to appear.

I don't see any direct way to use the file attachment method in a comment like this. There is no file attachment link on the Edit comment form, just on the blog post form. Of course you could attach a photo to a blog post, read the URL assigned the photo there, then use it in one of these comment posts.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to write back. :)

-- OneTahiti

Thanks, Onetahiti

The software we use for this site is great stuff but it has its limitations, mostly associated with the pocketbook of the owner.

I wish photos were a little easier but they can be posted with just a bit of schooling. Corvus has great stuff and I'd like to see more of it.


The software here is actually very good as such software goes


You are welcome! :)

But please don't apologize for the site software. I have supported end-users of many different Content Management Systems (CMS's) like this one and they all present problems in one way or another.

Such issues are inevitable, because these systems are essentially attempting to allow non-programmers to program. This is not an easy task, especially since the software must also guard against malicious visitors.

Speaking from long experience, I think the software you chose is wonderful! :)

You can do all sorts of things with it. For example:

speaker symbol; click to hear song Here is a snippet from a silly little song I made up for a local forest denizen to the tune of Short'nin' Bread: Song for a bobcat, also known as the Tuna Juice Song. :)

If you find that something just has to be fixed in this software, maybe I can help. I do PHP.

-- OneTahiti

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