Jan 8 2012
09:05 am

Still, as a project to devastate Democrats on paper, the plans seem a clear partisan triumph.

Even if that's unfair and/or illegal.


Roane County NOT Happy

Roane County As One!

Roane County NOT Happy

With Roane County represented as republican voters out numbering democrats, or so it may appear, it is clear 500+ constituents are supporting keeping Roane County as "one."

Within 24 hours, FB Group: Tell TN House Reps-Please keep Roane County as One, has drawn over 500 member consisting of many noted republican voters.

The message? We clearly are upset as Roane county Citizens despite the alleged Republican protection plan. In Roane County, the citizens are interested in their County being in one District.

Clearly our House Rep was quiet as a mouse, has not offered (despite many requests) a copy of her letter Hurley claims she submitted to the Committee. Nor, has Hurley been seen, heard from, yet banned Roane County republicans and democrats from her TN House Rep Hurley fb page when questioned about her support of Roane County.

What we have experienced is the lack of attention to the populous of Roane County. What we do know is that she has a new car and she allegedly was knocking on doors in the Lenoir City area just yesterday.

Go figure.

Roane County As One!

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