Feb 15 2008
08:26 am

I've personally been in this situation, feeling out gunned by high paid corporate attorneys in a negotiation, and there's only one thing to do about it...Seek professional help.

Councilman Kenyon Mee reminded everyone that he had brought up the idea of hiring an attorney to look at the proposals earlier, but at that time City Attorney Harold Balcom said they could not hire outside legal advice...

Mynatt ... wished Balcom was at more meetings.

“I like Balcom, but he needs to be sitting right here,” Mynatt said, pointing to a vacant seat...

Harold Balcom is a fine attorney and should continue to offer oversight and advice on this kind of matter... Sort of a lawyer watching the lawyers. At the same time, there's quarterbacks and running backs, linesmen and wide receivers. With so much at stake for Harriman's future, additional attorney fees for the right expertise should be looked upon with blessings from the folks who have the most at stake.

That would be the Harriman tax payers, AND the rest of Roane County citizens who might some day need the advantages of having a small hospital facility close by.

One last point. Nearly every person in Roane County now pays taxes to Harriman, since the city annexed so much of Midtown after the legal battle that prevented other options by the locals. If you shop at Lowe's or Kroger or any of the other retail stores near the Midtown exit, you have a stake in what the city of Harriman does, only you might not have a say.

We fought a revolutionary war in this country over similar issues.

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