Feb 14 2008
10:40 am

I know you voted in the TN Presidential Primary, but just remember...

Lincoln's vote counts more than yours.

It will be interesting to see if Lincoln follows the growing movement to support the will of the Primary voters instead of the Party Bosses.

I'm reminded that TN voted

I'm reminded that TN voted for Hillary, so Lincoln's association with the DLC and Harold Ford Jr. may not cause him much heartburn on this one. He might get a pass either way...At least from Democratic Tennesseans.

I'm not sure I like...

... the concept of Super Delegates.

People not even elected to be delegates of anybody to anything have more vote in selecting a nominee than the freakin' electorate. Hogwash!

This is not to say I don't like Lincoln - I certainly do. He is one of the brightest legislators I've seen in a while - Democrat or Republican. I just don't think I like Super Delegates.


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