Feb 14 2008
08:50 am

February 16, 2008
Come to our fourth Public Stargaze of 2008. Tamke-Allan Observatory opens at 7 PM
Inside presentations are planned for 7:30 PM. These include recent events in astronomy, our work with the NASA/JPL Night Sky Network, and preparation for the Feb. 20 eclipse.

Visitors are invited to arrive at TAO about 8:00 PM on Feb. 20 to enjoy the last lunar eclipse viewable locally until year 2010. Don't miss it! Here's what will happen:
•Feb. 20 Lunar Eclipse
– 8:43 pm Umbral contact
– 10 pm Totality, for 52 min.
– 12:09 am end

I planned canoe camping trip

I planned canoe camping trip on the Cahaba river in Alabama, just for this occaission. I hope to see some good photography documenting the eclipse.


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