Feb 11 2008
03:10 pm
By: Refuse2lose

I went to the Rockwood site and it lists the names of the councilman but I cannot find telephone numbers. We have received several emails requesting these numbers. Can you help with this or direct me to where I can find them. Thank, Mr. Collet



Help Mr. Collett

I have three telephone numbers for Rockwood City Councilmen. Grover "Gene" East (865) 354 2757.....James Neal (865) 603-6273 James Watts (865) 354-9380 and Ray Collett (865) 354-7680. There may be a listing for Darrell Meadows in the telephone directory. Dudley Evans has only a cell phone and I don't have his number. Even though Dudley voted against the ordinance, he needs to be contacted. Of the remaining Councilmen, Meadows might be the toughest sell as he agrees with the Mayor on most subjects. Neal and Watts might be the two best bets with East a possiblity. Good Luck......Ray Collett

Rockwood City Council

Even though Feb. 18, 2008 is a holiday, the Rockwood City Council will still be meeting on that evening at 7:00..This is confirmed..Ray Collett

Thank you, Mr. Collett, for

Thank you, Mr. Collett, for letting all of us know that the meeting will be as scheduled!

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