Feb 11 2008
02:23 pm
By: RoaneBooster
Cuckoo Nest.jpg

Three geese in a flock.
One flew east, one flew west, and
One flew over the cockoo's nest...

The Playmakers at Roane State Community College are producing the Dale Wasserman play based on the novel by Ken Kesey. Those who have seen the 1975 film no doubt remember the performances of Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Danny DeVito and others.

The RSCC production of this now classic piece on life in a low-budget state psychiatric hospital is directed by Jon Chemay. Cast members include students and community members from Roane and surrounding counties.

The play opens on Thursday, February 14 in the Theatre on the RSCC Harriman campus. The schedule of performances is as follows:
Feb 14 - 16 & 22-23 at 7PM
Feb 17 & 24 - 2PM matinee
Feb 17 - 6PM

Call (865) 882-4589 for more details. General admission price is $10, for students $7. May also visit (link...) for tickets or more info.

The play is a bit different - necessarily so - from the movie. But it well conveys the story of the free-spirited Randle McMurphy, his nemesis Nurse Ratched, and all the troubled residents of a state psychiatric hospital that still administers electroshock therapy and performs prefrontal lobotomies.

Those who assume the arts must be somewhere else than Roane County are dead wrong, and this play produced at RSCC is living proof. It'll be worth your while to catch one of the shows.

Be aware that, just like with the movie, you'll hear adult language and themes. But it should be a good production from what I hear from people who are involved.


A FYI PS for those who may have been confused: The Humanities building, to which the Theatre is attached, is the O'Brien Humanities Building. The Theatre is NOT named the O'Brien Theatre, as some mistakenly think. The ENTIRE building, of which the theatre is a part, is the O'Brien Humanities Building.

I haven't been disappointed

I haven't been disappointed with any production put on at Roane State. This will be a good one and the perfect deal for a Valentine's Day "Night Out" or a weekend treat.

Great Poster!

I hope somebody is collecting them. Click on it and click again to see it larger.

I'm not sure...

... who designed this poster. It's not always the same person, but there also aren't that many folks who design these posters for RSCC. Most of the ones I've seen have been really creative, eye-catching, etc. I've not been disappointed by any. I think they keep at least one of each in the Theatre Dept. Several stand out in my mind... the one they did for "Of Mice and Men," the one for "Raney," and the one for "The Diviners."


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