Feb 10 2008
10:15 pm
By: wylamena

What a great day we had! For those of you that missed it, the "Responsible Dog Owners of Tennesse" had a "dog day" in front of Wal-Mart. We were strong in spirit with 16 volunteers, one doberman Canine Good Citizen (CGC), one Great Dane CGC, two rescued American Pit Bull Terrier CGC, one rescued boxer POPD (plain old pet dog), and one registered American Pit Bull Terrier pup. We gave away a "passel" of Prizes (and a family with VA ties took home most of them!), passed out a lot of literature including a calendar with training tips for owners, treat bags for dogs, candy for kids, face painting, free dog kisses, lots of petting, and some great conversations.

We talked to the public and laughed hysterically at people who said they would never allow their child to play with a Pit Bull while standing with their child who is getting loved on guessed it! A Pit Bull. A lot of people realized they did not know what a Pit was. Many were stunned because they thought Pits were huge mean dogs. We met many Pit owners who did not even know there was a chance that their dogs would be banned. (I know WC, they must be living under a rock!)We passed out flyers with the City Council Meeting times and dates. We passed around a petition asking that Rockwood pass Vicious Dog Ordinances instead of Pit Bull bans. We got 121 signatures with 25 of those confirmed Rockwood City residents. All of this happened in 2 hours. That's right, we were only there from 2PM to 4PM. All in all, it was a GREAT day!

We had such a good time, we are already planning our next day. This time, we would like to get to focus on helping other folks we met today. You see, what WE learned was the people of Roane County are crazy about their dogs. From the lady with the pika wearing the John Deer hat, to the guys that went home and brought their Pits back to show what great dogs they were, Roane County is crazy about their dogs. RDOT will be working to make Roane County a better place where those dogs are concerned.We would love to hear other thoughts on the dog situation in our county.What do you think we could work on that would improve Roane County's canine quality?

By the way...

Dog Bites - 0
Dog fights - 0
Killings - 0

That is how it should be when owners are responsible for their pets!


Wylamena, are you kidding

Wylamena, are you kidding me? You had a Great Dane, Dobie, Boxer, and 3 American Pit Bull Terriers (not counting the pits the guys went home and brought back to show off)and you had 0 dog bites, 0 dog fights, and 0 killings? But we've been told the pit bulls are this vicious dog that would attack any dog or person around it. Looks like a lot of people have fallen into the "I thought" category where pit bulls are concerned.<!--break--> In all seriousness, it is good to hear about what a great day you had. It's so good to hear about the Mom who, when she found out the dog she was curious about was a pit bull, wouldn't let her daughters go around them but, after listening to the owner explain about the pit bull, decided to let the girls pet the dog. When the dog licked the girls faces and the girls were giggling, the Mom decided she'd give a try to petting the pit bull... and when she did received the same treatment. What was this Mom's response? "Where is your petition, I'd like to sign it." Does it get any better than that? Yes, minds were changed and I think the biggest reason for that was being able to actually see the Pits for themselves, and not rely on what they hear from someone (especially the media).

I have been told there's sure to be more Rockwood citizens on the petition once addresses are confirmed (a lot of people only put their street address and left off the city). One question...Wasn't there also a "Senior Golden" who helped oversee the activities then opted for a nice, warm backseat in his "Mom's" car?

Maybe the great thing about this event is there was such a variety of people and dogs; little, big, short, didn't matter what the outside package looked like. What was truly important is what's on the inside; what's on the hearts and minds of those we live with. I don't think nature intended for us all to be the same to the exclusion or extinction of one as opposed to another.

Thanks to everyone from RDOT for raising the awareness of the need for responsible ownership. The educational materials handed out, the treats, the candy, the petitions, and most of all, the chance to see the dogs (especially the American Pit Bull Terrier) up close and personal can be nothing but a benefit to the citizens of Roane County. Way to go!!!

Just curious, did the Mayor or any council members attend?


I had forgotten about that senior golden retriever! I am sure that was the result of cold and being nearly blown away (and that takes a strong wind!). Now as to Community Leaders, there may have been a sighting, but just like with "big foot" there is just no proving it! You know R2L, as much as we want to have the Rockwood City Council see the real truth, today was great because it was actually about the people. Wouldn't it be too cool for this vote to be about the people as well? About their being protected from bad owners and vicious dogs of all breeds? About their rights to protection being upheld and their 14th Amendment rights not being violated? I wish some of the City Council and Mayor Miller could have joined us. They could have seen first hand that responsible owners make for a funfilled day where all are enriched by their participation.


Contact your officials personally

Don't count on good informtion filtering down to them. Give them a call. Let them know how much you appreciate their consideration. This is a controversial issue only because we let it be a controversial issue. Good continuous direct communication takes care of most political ills.

Council Meeting

Sounds as if you guys had a great rally. I don't know if I would take a child up to ANY strange dog to be licked in the face though. On a serious note, I think you'all might have two votes against the ordinance as it is written on the second reading. You (or we) need four no votes total, three will send it in the Mayor's lap for the deciding vote. I know now how important this is to all of you and since we councilmen are forbidden by the Sunshine Law to discuss anything amongst ourselves, even by telephone, I again urge you to call the Councilmen. Their telephone numbers are listed on Rockwood's City website. This is the only way to get their attention. While I am online frequently, the internet messages don't do as much good as a phone call, one person can use so many different names and seem like a great number of people, not that anyone would do that. But a real recognizable name carries more weight than a screen name. I will look forward to meeting any of you at the next City Council meeting Feb. 18,2008 at 7:00 and I will do all I can to the best of my ability....Ray Collett

Ray - your opinioin, please...

I really appreciate your straightforward approach to being on this forum.

Is this a possible example of perhaps overzealousness in a Sunshine Law coming back to bite us in the butt? I find it ludicrous that a law says you cannot talk about new information that could affect how you might vote or how you might think about how you had voted in the past.

Thanks for your input.


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