Feb 10 2008
06:27 pm
By: WhitesCreek

One half of all school children wither walked or rode their bikes to school in 1960. By the turn of this century only 15% got there under their own power and we were now worrying about obesity in school kids.

At Kingston Elementary, children are only allowed to walk to school with special permission or accompaniment of a parent or guardian.

What are we doing?

One of the ways some

One of the ways some communities have committed to reducing greenhouse gasses is by encouraging kids to walk or ride their bikes to school. Marin County, a well to do community near San Francisco, California has raised the percentage of self powered kids to 39%.

Why can't we do that?

Check this out...

Safety is a funny thing.

Safety is a funny thing. There's seeming safe and there's being safe.

Of course there are problems that need to be addressed. That's why I linked to Safe Routes to Schools as a means of addressing them. We don't have to reinvent the wheel, just set our goals.

And Mark, I walked or rode my bike to school all but a few months of my pre-college education. I wish I could work in the same amount of excercise in my daily routine now.

I saw that same article and

I saw that same article and found it very interesting. I searched Knox County and found they are trying to do something. However, I couldn't find anything on the general project as a whole. I'm not a very good Googler.

My grade school was about 7 miles away from the house and my high school was about 15 miles. Most everyone did ride the school bus. We did get plenty of exercise running through the neighborhoods, riding our bikes, playing sports, and marching in band.

I thought it was also interesting what they are doing in Levittown.

The county then offers discounts rebates, and low-interest loans to anyone who switches to energy-efficient light bulbs, solar power, bio-fuels and upgraded home insulation.

There's more than one kind of safety, too.

It's one thing to find or develop safe routes to school insofar as traffic flows and how they relate to highways, having appropriate sidewalks, etc. The general safety of those walking or cycling to school is another thing when you consider safety from predators. There are more predatory folks out and mobile on the streets today than there were in the days it seems many are becoming nostalgic for. It's more than a simple (and that isn't even simple) issue of sidewalks and routes and building the infrastructure in a different way. There's not much that infrastructure and sidewalks can do about predators of the two-legged variety. In the right (or wrong) places, you've just set out a bunch of raw meat in front of a hungry wolf.

Reminisce and wax nostalgic for "the good old says" all ya want... You can't un-ring a bell. And the good old days ain't coming back by building bike trails, sidewalks, and finding routes free enough of speeding vehicles. Would that speeding vehicles was the only problem connected with reverting back to having lots of kids walk or bike to school.


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