Feb 7 2008
08:23 am
By: WhitesCreek

Why can't we stop people from throwing truckloads of trash out on the side of the road?

Poland Hollow road and Headwaters road come together less than a half mile from the County facility and there's a convenience station a half mile in the other direction, but someone prefers to dump on the side of the road.

We cleaned it up and that lasted two days. Report these creeps when you see them.

Trash on side of road

If you see trash thrown on the side of the road in a bag, stop, open the bag and search for something with the user's name (envelope, magazine, etc.) Call the Roane County Road Superintendent's office (Mr. Hamby)to report. He may refer you to the sheriff's office. Be sure and save your evidence and note the date you found it.



We all need to write down this number and put it in the car. If you see someone litter - throw out cigarette butts, throw out litter, or stuff blow out of truck beds - call and report it! The number is 1-877-8Litter and you do not even have to give your name.

The problem you have is actually "illegal dumping" and the fines are now based on the weight of the items dumped. The state has set these fines, but the officers have to issue citations and the judges have to enforce it as well. Used to be that you had to see them dump the stuff. Now you can find a piece in the trash that has identifying info and it can be used as your evidence.

We are working on educating the kids, but we also have to make a change in the adult behavior. We have to clean up run down properties and junk cars. Public awareness is crucial.

In the mena time, KRB can help you find solutions.

Wendy @ KRB

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