Feb 4 2008
09:46 pm

"Responsible Dog Owners of TN" have arranged 2 Dog Bite experts to be availible for a conference call... to answer questions on preventing dog bites, statistics on bites, information gathered from severe dog bites, stats gathered from communities who have passed ordinances in an effort to stop Animal Control problems - what worked and what did not, and things that fatal dog bites have in common. If you would like to participate or make an appointment for a private call at your convenience, please contact me through the private messaging and I will connect you to the individuals doing the scheduling as well as provide credentials of the experts.

Thank you for all that you do for your community!

Dog Bite Experts

The two experts are Karen Delise and James Crosby.
Karen Delise is founder of the National Canine Research Council and the nation's leading expert on fatal dog attacks. She has spent over 15 years studying dog attacks and canine aggression gathering and analyzing factual data from law enforcement, animal control, medical examiners, court proceedings, etc. She authored, "Fatal Dog Attacks: The Stories Behind the Statistics". See (link...)

The other nationally known expert is James Crosby.He is a field investigator/consultant who investigates,analyzes severe attacks and deaths of people involving dogs and testifies to the findings.He often assists law enforcement and animal control at the scenes of fatal attacks and teaches investigation techniques,etc. See
(link...) for further information and his resume.
On January 21st Rockwood city councilmen expressed stated they wanted facts, and "real data" about dog bites, "pitbulls" and public safety. They said they wanted to know more. Responsible Dog Owners of TN responded by asking these experts to be available by phone to answer the questions of the councilmen and provide the real facts behind dog attacks. It doesn't get any more real then this, gentlemen.

Thank you...

Thank you 2wheeler. I obviously was "asleep at the wheel." These experts are not Pit Bull fanatics. They study all dog bites to learn more in an effort to reduce the number of people bit. Their science is not geared to any agenda, just the cold hard facts behind dog bites.


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