Feb 4 2008
03:19 pm

Tennessee is one of six states at high risk for voting fraud due to it's voting machines not having a paper record of the votes cast.

That would be Voting machines just like Roane County uses!

I do have a question about this...

At one time, the Roane County machines were not the prevalent machines that were said to be dangerous. I remember hearing someone from the Election office give a detailed talk about how they were different in Roane County, and there were several redundancies and safeties, etc. It is possible, then, that SOME, but not all, machines in Tennessee have this vulnerability. Does anybody know - for a fact - that the specific machines in use in Roane ARE the same ones mentioned generally in this article? Not all voting machines in all counties in Tennessee are the same machine - or at least they weren't in 2001 or 2002 when I got this education from the Election Commission representative.

That being said, whoever thinks voting can be rid of the vulnerability of fraud... well, I have some cool swamp land in the Gobi Desert I wanna talk to you about. Voting fraud and corruption comes with voters and those who want to manipulate the vote, not because of machines. I WELL remember with paper ballots that many folks voted from under their headstones in the cemetery by both absentee and regular ballots (paper). Paper is no guarantee of safety from voting fraud.


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