Jan 30 2008
08:14 am

Looks like this one definitely has "features similar to a Pit Bull"...


I used to have a lot of trouble with my heart. It would get out of rythm and cause heart failure. I would swell and just could not function. After a while we noticed that Rocky, our 8 year old Sharpie/heeler mix would stay glued to my feet during these times. Sometimes even before I was feeling the symptoms, he would be real clingy. I began using this as a way to monitor when I needed to check heart rythm and increase meds. I haven't had any trouble in quite a while (thank you Dyllis Baptist Church Men's Group!), but I know that Rock will know it way before I do if it returns. Dogs are really uncanny in what they know.

Judge the behavior, not the breed!

The wonder of dogs...

Dogs are incredible...ALL dogs. There is a Florida dermatologist who with the help of a canine trainer has taught dogs to "alert" on suspicious skin lesions. Many of these have come back confirmed (after biopsy) as cancer. Why did he do this?? Because many third world countries have no health facilities, no diagnostics and no imaging capability. If and when a doctor can get in the area he is extremely limited in supplies or medical tools. Forget xrays or lab tests.The dogs with their superior sense of smell can detect changes at a molecular level. To a dog that funny looking spot smells different and they "alert". He said now with these incredible dogs he and his
team can proceed with some degree of certainty with excision and treatment. The dogs have an incredible record of "finds" Where would we be without our dogs??

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