strong>WRCVFD is in a growth phase in attempt to fulfill the many needs demanded of the Department. We now have two stations in the district and have broken ground for a third station in the Grand Vista Bay area. In order to meet these needs we will need additional Volunteers. Firefighters, First Responders, EMT's and Paramedics are always in demand and these positions require extensive training.

We have a new type of membership with which any citizen can contribute their abilities and talents to the community thru the Department. This is the Associate Membership which is open to any resident of the 5th District, the area covered by WRCVFD. These members are not expected to be involved in the every day emergency services but can take the load off the active members of the many other tasks that are required to make the Department function. For example, I take care of mowing the lawn at Station No. 2 (an easy job this summer), take photographs of the Departments events and participate in the many fundraising projects.

We have been experimenting with this idea for over a year now. The Associate Membership category was officially added to the by-laws with a limit of 10 members, which rapidly filled up with residents from all walks of life. The program has been so successful that we have now increased the number of Associates allowed in the by-laws to 20.

The Associate program has also proven to be a source of Active Members. After gettng a feel for what the Department is all about and the many needs that exist, some of our Associates are no longer Associates. Three of them have progressed to Active Members and one of these is currently taking coursework to become a First Responder. (all three of these guys are "old farts" = retirees)

If you have an interst in becoming involved with this great organization, please contact Charlie at 354-1993 or e-mail him at

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To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.