Jan 26 2008
06:46 pm

About the dogs Michael Vick was involved with...The fighting dogs?

Turns out...

WC, Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for posting a link to that article. It brought tears to my eyes to know that this dog that has went through so much torture has been given a second chance and it thriving like he is. This article shows exactly what I, along with so many others, are trying to get people to see. These dogs are amazing. It is people like Vick (and sadly to say worse than Vick) that makes these dogs they own vicious thus sending that reputation out to the public. The media jumps on stories of situations where a vicious dog attacks...where are they when these things happen. Where is the local TV stations, national TV, national newspapers...I'll tell you where. At their respective stations because they don't want people to see the true American Pit Bull Terrier because it would ruin a "hot story" if an attack happens. If any dogs had a reason to bite the crap out of man because of the way man had treated them, it would be the Vick dogs. Yet all were adoptable except ONE. What does that tell you, Councilmen of Rockwood?? HELLO!!! Take notice!!!!Major kuddos to Asst. U.S. Attorney Michael Gill for allowing the group BAD RAP terprament test these dogs that led to them getting a second chance. Rockwood's council is judging dogs that have done nothing. Mr. Gill knew what these dogs had been through, that possibly they would be aggressive yet he allowed the tests to proceed. Hopefully Mayor Miller and the councilmen will have just a smidgen of the courage that Mr. Gill has. I guess we'll find out on the 18th.

Like Refuse, thank you

Like Refuse, thank you WhitesCreek. I don't think there's anything anyone could add to the article to help anyone see what kind of dogs they are. Like so many have said, the media has "hyped" the attacks so much that it has turned people against the Pit Bull. Any attack is terrible but they can come from ANY breed. Why have we all of a sudden started with "we better ban those pit bulls before they attack someone in our community" mentality? Like Refuse stated, a lot of it is the media freenzy! Can the Mayor of Rockwood and the council members move past what they've read and heard about from the "freenzy fueled" media and look at the statistics provided to them? I'm hoping some of them are at least man enough to say "maybe we jumped the gun here so let's look at this thing a little different." At times I think surely they can and then I read a post from one of the council members niece. She stated she had a pit bull as well as other members of their family and her uncle led them to believe he wasn't for the ban yet voted for it at the meeting because he needed to stay in the "click." I find it ironic that that is exactly the feeling I left with after the last council meeting. How I hope she and I are both wrong on this one!!!

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