Jan 26 2008
08:43 am
By: WhitesCreek

I stepped out of the cold and into the Yonder Hollow, Old Timey Music Show last night and had a cup of hot chocolate. I warmed up inside and out.

What a great place!

I can't believe yesterday was the one time I left my camera out of the car. The collection of old cabinet radios ringing the stage is a beautiful touch and I'd love to share that with you folks.

I couldn't stay long but I did have the pleasure of listening to a certain musical City Councilman fill in on base with a group that was one base player short. Looks like Ray is always willing to help out in other ways besides just doing his civic duty.

I had to leave a little something in the hat on my way out. It's good music from some fine musicians, and I could hear some folks warming up in the back that I'm sorry I couldn't stick around for. I'll plan my evening a little differently next time.

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