Jan 25 2008
08:34 pm

Well, I'm back and boy am I slack-jawed and white-knuckled. Found out from my research on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation website that we have 18 Registered Sex Offenders in Rockwood. My God! This means they have been convicted of crimes of sexual nature and at least one has had crimes against children. Now I don't know about you but I would rather the council and the citizens come together and think about how we keep our children safe around this REAL threat and not some "bogeyman pit bull". After all, we have a lot of kids playing at the sports complex. What's protecting them from these perverts? Don't get me wrong, I would like to see laws against irresponsible owners and vicious dogs,too, but let's put things in perspective and deal with the real threat!

can we...

Can we be friends? I like how you think!


Be thoughtful

Some of those folks listed are genuine problems. Others fall into the sex offender category for less than threatening reasons. Remember that the sex offender law was written with all the same intentions as the "pit bull" law... Well intentioned but not necessarily well thought out.

Having said that, I sometimes think that convicted pedophiles and rapists should wear radio collars for the rest of their lives. I don't have the answer to protecting the community on that one.

What I'm trying to get

What I'm trying to get people to look at is this...
If the Mayor's (and council's) greatest concern is the children (and I agree children should be protected), wouldn't it be better to target and go after the abusers, the drug dealers, the molesters, etc. that ARE in and around Rockwood. We KNOW these people exist...are we giving our ALL to stopping (or convicting) these people? We need to put our efforts into education and into teaching our children how to say safe among animals, two legged as well as four. Some pit bulls may very well be dangerous (because of irresponsible owners) but most are falling into that category simply by their name, not behaviour. What is right about that? The people on the sex offender list have actually committed crimes that landed them on this list, regardless how "less than threatening" their actions were. They DID something, these innocent dogs DID NOTHING. Do Mayor Miller and the council members really think banning a dog of any breed will ensure the safety of our children? I just feel instead of trying to single our one breed of dog and think that's going to protect children from being attacked is total and complete stupidy. There are still a great number of pit bulls in cities and towns where they have been banned. Do you think the people who use dogs as weapons (criminals and sociopaths) could give a flip about whether they are banned or not? You know, sometimes I wonder what God thinks when we refuse to use the common sense HE gave us?

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