Jan 25 2008
02:08 pm

Looks like they agree with the predominant view here at RoaneViews.

You can make a baby biter out of most breeds of dogs. Even Pomeranians have been known to kill humans. Take the energy from the breed specific ban and turn it into something that makes owners responsible for the actions of their animals, no matter what breed they are.

You know what I just thought about...

Hey WC,

You guys know what I just thought about? What happens to the Pits IF Rockwood passes the ban? Will Rockwood put them all down like they did in Denver? Does that bother anyone in Rockwood? Are Roane County Animal Shelter and Rescue groups ready for them? I mean if there are so many that a law is required to control Rockwood's problem, where are they going when people can not purchase all of the items needed to meet the grandfathering? How do county residents feel about the fact that their tax dollars will be covering the clean up of the passing of Rockwood's ban? How about it County Commissioners, are you ready to help Ron and the gang at the Animal Shelter? I pray we do not have to find ways to help!



Well said!

I chatted with one of the

I chatted with one of the Rockwood Councilmen yesterday, and he seems to be giving a lot of thought to this issue. He's definitely not clear as to what he should do, but he seemed open to ideas.

I think having thoughtful conversations with each commissioner is a good idea. But remember that you need to be as concise as possible.

I would suggest a group of you get together on an alternative regulation that addresses owner resposibility, how a particular dog, not breed, is determined to be viscious, how the right of, appeal is to be handled, and the other factors that go into good civil acts.

Present it to them as early as possible, not five minutes before the meeting, and request that they agree to hold up on their current action and have the city attorney review your alternative and report back to them.

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