Jan 25 2008
12:38 am

The Shutterbugs are a photography club at Roane County High. Their sponsor is Cindy Holmes, a teacher there. Recently, Keep Roane Beautiful sponsored a photo contest where we challenged the students at RCHS to take pictures of beauty in Roane County. Students were told to find real beauty - not cutesy stuff like puppies and kittens but Roane County being beautiful. Several told me that was going to be too tough. Those kids really rose to the challenge though. They submitted around 60 photos and the judging was killer tough. The judges were asked to choose 12 photos to make a calendar. It was impossible, so with the help of Mrs. Holmes, those judges and Justin from the Copy Center in Kingston, we finally have a super calendar with about 17 pictures. We had 250 of them printed and are selling them for $15 each. For each calendar sold, $5 will go to Shutterbugs, $2 to KRB and the rest covers the printing cost. The is a great way to invest in the future leaders of our community and to know that when asked about the beautiful scenes on your calendar, you can say "Oh the High School students took those!"

To purchase one of these wonderful calendars, contact me at KRB or go by Sail Away Realty on the corner of Race and Kentucky Street in Kingston.

Wendy @ KRB

I want one...

I'll try to pick mine up today and let folks know what I think.

Did you...

Did you get a calendar? Let me know, I can bring it to you on Monday if not!

Wendy @ KRB

No I didn't, dangit

All the emails and phone messages I sent out were returned on Frday afternoon, nearly at the same time. (How do they know?) I will get one Monday. Please don't make a special trip, but if you are coming my way...



Usually between class at RSCC, office in Harriman and home just across the bridge from Ladd's Landing, I am all over county. That doesn't include photos of properties that people have complained about or illegal dumpsites. Where would I be taking the calendar? You can call KRB office Monday or e-mail.

OOPPSSS! Forgot I am at home and posting as Wyla!


We'll talk Monday

Who else wants a calendar?

I got mine

Actually I bought 2 of them. It's a fine calendar and supports two great projects, The Shutterbug Club and Keep Roane Beautiful.

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