Jan 23 2008
07:36 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Of course my merry band of lunch-kateers are always in search of new delights, gastronimically speaking, and today we wandered into "Good Eats" in beautiful downtown Kingston.

We hear that breakfast is a real treat.

I had the Roast Herbed pork, with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. It was one of the specials and special it was. The pork, at least..the veggies, not so much.

Bottom line? I'll definitely be back. There are lots of thing son the menu I would love to sample. If they are anywhere close to being as tasty as the pork roast, I'll have to add Good Eats to my regular orbit.

They do great brownies too!

This year, we watched the Kingston Parade and Good Eats was passing out FREE hot cocoa, hot cider, cookies, and brownies and they were wonderful. Really good food, welcoming environment...definately a "gotta go back" place.


Where IS "Good Eats"?

Need to know...

Also - seems somebody was talking earlier about Chinese and/or Vietnamese food in Kingston. Can I have an update on that? Good? Authentic Vietnamese?


I odn't believe so, Mark -

Seems like I had seen somebody talk about a place in Kingston that had Chinese and maybe some Vietnamese. I'm spoiled for Vietnamese, having learned to eat Vietnamese food in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). About my favorite place there (hard to pick a favorite in such a big city) was out in District 13 and was called "Ba Bien" (3 Reasons). It specialized in providing its customers with examples of the cuisine of the 3 regions of Vietnam (Northern, Central, and Southern). The name "3 Reasons" meant 3 reasons to eat Vietnamese food.

If I find anything, I'll post it here, Mark. Here's hoping!



But pretty good.

This is in the same location that Kim Lien had her Vietnamese restaurant. She retired but cooks shrimp fried rice for Food City's buffet on Wednesdays.

I'm sure that's what I was thinking of...

Hate to hear there's no more Vietnamese, but I should try the Chinese anyway. Love real Chinese food, too.


Good Eats is right downtown

Good Eats is right downtown on Hwy 70 in Kingston, just past Sail Away Realty.



If going to Good Eats, be sure to try the Italian Hoagie. Bimbo's in LC is the only other place that does it as well. Of course service and atmosphere in Good Eats makes it the better choice.


Totally Agree

Well said! Right on the money!

More on Utopia

Had the pleasure of eating at Utopia in Harriman. First time there. Was there Saturday for a big group of people who gathered for lunch in support of the project to renovate the Princess Theatre. The place was running over - literally. I had Ruben and potato salad. Both were excellent, and I found the potato salad to be a pleasant surprise. It was made with cut up new (red) potatoes with the skin still on, seasoned nicely with some dill, etc.

My work keeps me from eating in Roane during the days most of the time. But this was excellent.

The response of people being there to shoot a short video in support of the Princess was very significant, I might add.


Sounds like you supported

Sounds like you supported TWO great Roane County projects... And had a good meal as a reward.

Try the ...Well, actually, try it all!

I guess every foodery has

I guess every foodery has it's off days, but I've been pleased. While I liked some items more than others, I have to complement the service. The best personallity is the cook, for sure. Too bad he has to stay in the kitchen.

There is a bit of menu roullette to play. Some items will be to your taste and some will not.

Frankly, I appreciate more flavorful (spiced up) food than most folks.

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