Jan 23 2008
07:16 pm

Poor guy...He picked the exact day to defend George Bush against claims that Bush lied in the runnup to war as a massive report was published detailing those very public, smoking gun, lies.

I, personally, was wrong on one thing though...I have said Bush told Thousands of lies and I stand corrected...It was only 935!

But they are now documented by actual journalists!

Of course not...

I was never "intending to deceive", and that's the test.

I think you're picking at me, but I'll play one more round.

Answer this...First off, It was a joke, but... Is there a difference between Bush telling thousands of lies that get people killed, or 935?...Or one?

Second...Are you trying to say that Bush didn't lie? That will be tough to defend.

Third...The joke is having a letter to the editor published on the same day a major study proves conclusively the premise of your letter is disingenuous, at best, but more likely, just plain goofy.

So now it actually depends on how misleading and inaccurate you want to be.

I won;t buy your argument, not that it is one..

Bush intentionally lied to start the Iraq war. Cheney did too.

I know of no Democratic official who promoted war on premises they knew to be false.

What I do find sad is that we have spent enough on the war to have eliminated the reason to be there.

I agree that we went there to take over the Iraqi oil fields, however, Bush denied that at the time and still does today.

So we agree that Bush lied... Thanks.

Please tell me where you

Please tell me where you obtained the information that leads you to make this statement....

I agree that we went there to take over the Iraqi oil fields, .....
however, Bush denied that at the time and still does today."

Just the facts please.

Here you go...Decide for yourself

Here are a number of sources. Even Alan Greenspan has publicly acknowledged the fact, even though he said it overseas.


I'm not going to carry this much further, but..

You must have an amazing capacity for self delusion in order to think President Bush has not lied to promote his war.

The original link I supplied was not sites like this one but an organization of respected journalists. Jounalism is not a black art. It is a search for truth. These people spend their lives building a reputation in the public arena, easily verified, and checked by their peers.

To even say such a thing as "no real facts" in the face of such an overwhelming evidence paints you as a liar too.

Sign in...or go away.

Actually, I take the 'sign in" thing back

Folks do not have to identify themselves to post here. I would prefer they be somewhat thoughtful and even rational, but what the heck.

And I certainly don't want anyone failing to post something because they think I might retaliate in some economic manner. I never would, but how are folks to know that? I suppose there are folks who would, though, and hadn't thought that through..Sorry.

So post anonymously if you prefer. I actually was thinking that there are several Anonymous posters, and picking a screen name helps keep us knowing wich disembodied voice we are talking to. Neither I nor anyone else needs to know who you are.

Which one?

Can we also work on the insults?

I believe you threw out the first pitch...or somebody signed in as anonymous.

At any rate, here's some more "opinion":

...the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003."

This is an amazingly in depth study presented by the most respected Journalistic organazation in America. It is also non-partisan. Everything is docemented.

I believe we should have already Impeached Bush

But this isn't the forum for that discussion. I'll be glad to have this conversation at WhitesCreek Journal or some other site, but not here.

The only reason I mentioned any of this was because of Jim's bad luck in his timing.

However, just so you'll know, the vote to impeach Cheney is only three short in committee, with nine in the bank and hearings continuing. This new study by the Center for Public Integrity is a bombshell thrown into the mix.

No more here, about that.

In spite of your efforts to

In spite of your efforts to insult others and feign hurt yourself, dear anon, I don't consider calling someone French to be an insult.

And I didn't pull out...I invited you outside.

Now, now...

See that nice lady standing behind you? Ask her to tell the doctor your meds need to be adjusted again. Your hallucinations are back.

And that's the end of this.

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