Jan 23 2008
03:52 pm

I'm trying to find beef tallow somewhere local to me. I'm in Harriman and I make soap. I want to make an old fashioned laundry soap but need a supplier for the beef tallow. Hope someone can help me out.

You can email me at



Let us know how you do at

Let us know how you do at finding beef tallow. I have a neighbor raising cattle in what I would say is a rational way. I wouldn't call it "organic" exactly, but he doesn't use antibiotics unless a cow is ill, and forgoes the other "dose em before they are sick" drugs that are used in grocery beef.

I've also been told about another organic beef grower, south of the river.

I have been told about tallow being available at the abatoir in Crossville but I don't have first hand info.

The Raymonds in Emory

The Raymonds in Emory Heights used to have a meat processing business up there. I don't know if they still do but you might check with Jot Raymond (R & R Excavating). It was his brother who used to operate it but that was years ago.


Are you trying to make soap for your own use, or to sell?

I'll try it if it's for market. Keep us in mind.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try them all and see if I can get any tallow local to me. Yes I make soap to sell. I'm trying to get into the Oakridge Farmers market, and have been trying to get in their for the past year but they are really strict in letting any one new in. I'm going to keep pushing them to get in.

Does Roane County have a Farmers Market? I've been looking for a local one to set up at with my soap but I only found the one at Oakridge and the one at Wartburg.


I hear there is a Farmer's

I hear there is a Farmer's Market that will start up this spring. I'll send this on and see what we hear.

These people might be able

These people might be able to help:

Great Link

Thanks for that one. I didn't know there was a certified organic farm anywhere near us.

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the link I've emailed them to see if they have the tallow I'm looking for. I really appreciate it.


Marketing Soap


You might be interested in the Foothills Craft Guild as a venue to market your soap. (link...) They have a couple of soapers now but could use more.

If I can be of help, give me a call - 354-1993.


Thanks for the link Corvus,

Thanks for the link Corvus, I'll check it out.

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