Jan 22 2008
02:32 pm
By: WhitesCreek

I'd be curious to know how everyone feels about a week long Fall break?

The teachers I've spoken to are mixed, with a slight edge to starting later and taking a long weekend instead of a whole week.

It occurs to me that the Teachers actually shouldn't even be having any more say in this than Parents. Has anyone polled the Parents?

Please re-read what I said.

Please re-read what I said. I never said teachers should have NO voice, I said they shouldn't have any more voice than the other stakeholders, the parents and students...But at Present they may have most of the voice and parents very little.

The Educational Council is an interesting concept. Are the teachers polled or is it just the Council members that get to decide?

A good decision making process is much more inclusive than a squeaky wheel process like this one. School Board members need better input than just phone calls. What I would do is commission a scientific poll of the District. It would cost a couple of thousand bucks and could include any number of topics that could use the public's input, including the school calendar.

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