Jan 22 2008
07:58 am
By: WhitesCreek

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There is no conjecture here, it is a proven fact that students excel when exposed to the arts. ...and exposed they will be when we 'Raise the Curtain' on the Princess theater once again.

Roane State, the Technology Center, the Board of Education, ( thank you BOE ) and the City of Harriman, along with leaders of other municipalities of the region are joining together in partnership to ask for funds in the form of grants to give us a venue where we can teach the arts to children, adults, and seniors and celebrate what we learn in performance.

Roane State and the Technology Center will be creating radio and tv production curriculums which will allow students to learn as they broadcast from the Princess Theater over Roane State's FM Station and the City of Harriman's tv station. We are hoping that the educational institutions partnering with government and the public will bring art to every age in every media. Roane State will host "Drama Kid's Camps" for younger children in the summer at the Princess and i have proposed a Saturday Morning Kids Show at the Princess which will be televised and recorded for future broadcast in larger markets. This Saturday Morning Show will give parents a safe place to take their children so that they can have a break while the children learn about and celebrate the arts. i have also proposed a Saturday Night Variety Show which would use a multi media format of video, live skits, and great musicians which we hope will go on to succeed on a national market. We have the best 'host' available for this show and my representation in Hollywood specializes in just that kind of promotion. All arts organizations will have the opportunity to use the Princess for their classes and performances. Gary wants to see the Sunday Gospel Jubilee revived and i believe it is another candidate for broadcast. We have so many talented people in this area, from musicians to potters....from actors to wood carvers. Imagine, if you will, on Sunday a Gospel show, on Monday a ceramics class, on Tuesday during the day a business seminar and that night a family reunion, on Wednesday a Blue Grass Band, on Thursday an auction, on Friday a play, and on Saturday....a variety show. Years ago i shared my dreams for the Princess with Gary because he let me know that his dream was for the area to shine again. It will. Because of people like Gary, and Dr, Goff, and Dr. McGriff, and Vera Scarbrough, and Jim Henry, and Chris Mason, and Mark Powers, and Lonnie Wright...and every body else who signs on in support of the Princess Partnership to educate all ages in the arts.

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