Jan 18 2008
10:52 pm

Way to go Tommy! Did you see this? I hope this is the way to insert this link.

Anyway, after the commotion of proposing the state wide Pit Bull Ban, he tells reporter he has decided to back down from the ban. He just wanted to get the ball rolling on a better law for vicious dogs. Please let your governing representatives know that Vicious Dog ordinances and breed bans are not the same and that vicious dog laws are good - breed bans are bad!

Check out the Irresponsible Owner Act as well. It is the effort of Jan Cooper and has much promise.


I'm glad he decided to back

I'm glad he decided to back down from the bill as written. I support dangerous dog laws...I DO NOT support any breed specific bans whether it be the Pit Bull, Chow, Akita, etc.. I would think the large number of calls his office received had something to do with his decision to back down from it. I applaud him for doing that and hopefully they can get a non breed specific law that will target not only the dangerous dogs but the irresponsible owners. Don't label a dog "dangerous" strictly based on it's breed. Hopefully someone in the Rockwood City Council will understand this and change the proposed Pit Bull ban to a "dangerous dog law." I would think all of us could support that type of proposal!!!

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