Jan 18 2008
08:17 am

The TN GOP campaigns on the hot button issues to energize particular constituencies. That's why they oppose a woman's right to control her own medical care, wave rifles in the air, have their picture taken beside a fence in New Mexico.

Those are red herrings which have little to do with the actual GOP agenda.

Now Tennessee Republicans want to remove the very word "malpractice" from the English language.

Perfect! Got a problem with a bad doctor, lose a loved one because your hospital gave them the wrong drug? You're screwed, because we no longer have "That word" so malpractice doesn't exist anymore.

It's really about keeping that lobbyist money flowing, and there is a stunning array of GOP introduced legistation in our state. One particularly bad bill is the AT&T cable franchise bill.

AT&T is a bad actor in the Corporate world. But just by posting that here, I have now violated AT&T's terms of service that says I can't criticize then or they can cut off my Internet service.

Is that creepy or what?

I have now violated AT&T's

I have now violated AT&T's terms of service that says I can't criticize then or they can cut off my Internet service.

Does it really say that? What the...?

it Did...

I have heard that it has been reworded. I'll try to find a link.

Wanting to remove medical

Wanting to remove medical malpractice makes me ill. I have to admit I used to view most med mal cases as frivolous. However, when a circumstance happens to a family memeber and it cost that family member their life you tend to view things differently. That is exactly what happened with my family. We were reluctant to bring a lawsuit. The insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, etc. have the deep pockets. They make it clear they will outspend you and they have full confidence they will win the outcome. I will tell you this, if we as a people lose our right to hold this doctors, hospitals, insurance companines, etc. accountable for the gross negligence that happens more often than we are aware, then what will control the doctor to even care about providing the standards of care required by the state of Tennessee? This is total BS! If they are negligent I say nail their butts to the wall. Trust me, with the costs to litigate a medical malpractice case a good percentage of the people would find it hard to pursue the lawsuit battle so that alone limits many lawsuits, let alone the frivolous ones. I wouldn't have a problem with attorney's facing some kind of sanction if they proceeded with a lawsuit that had no merit. If I do something at work that is very wrong do you think I would not be fired? Why is God's name would we want to give the doctor's a free pass from their negligence? Unbelievable! By the way, the doctors in our case were from Tennessee and we knew our family member had suffered greatly because of their actions, or should I say lack of, and we were determined to see it through. Our case settled before trial. No amount of money can replace a loved one and it's almost like you're putting a value on your family members life. I tried to look at it as their willingness to settle meant they realized fault, admitted it and in the end was willing to pay because of it. However, it left an empty feeling because what you would like more than anything in the world is impossible to have and that is your family member back with you.

Here's a link to new Terms

I'm not sure it isn't double speak.


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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.