Jan 16 2008
12:03 am
By: wylamena

How hard would it be to alter the ordinace that Harriman passed in April? I know that Mayor Mason and the Harriman Council want the best for their community as well. Not removing the item, because there is a valid need and they addressed the need in the way that they thought was right. I am just thinking, with all of the great information we have seen here on Animal Control Ordinances,
wouldn't it be better to make the correction now.

Wouldn't it be great to see Roane County UNIFIED in their progressive and positive attitude in addressing the Animal Control isues?


I would suggest you think

I would suggest you think about how you frame what you want.

You really want to improve the city's protection against ALL viscious dogs,not just pit bulls terriers, right?

And you know that most pit bulls are NOT a problem, but some are, and so are some sherpherds and rotweilers, right?

So to protect our people against ALL bad dogs while helping to promote keeping and training good dogs as pets, but breed specific ordinances don't get the job done, you might offer a replacement ordinance...Right?

I am so glad...

I am so glad you understood me!


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