Jan 15 2008
11:49 am
By: WhitesCreek

Breed specifc laws are obviously unconstitutional but that doesn't stop local officials from passing them. Folks have to let elected officials know that they care.

Rather than just rail at a bad law, let's offer an alternative that serves the purpose. With that in mind, Here's something I found on a Law site that examines the Constitutional flaws in breed specific law and gives suggestions for writing a better law that actually deals with the problems of viscious dogs.

Dog Law

I agree W.C. Here's

I agree W.C. Here's another thought. Tacoma, Washington has proposed (not sure if it's passed it) an ordinance that goes after irresponsible owners. They have an ordinance on dangerous dogs (all dogs, not breed specific) and are proposing to add the "Problem Owners" section in Title 10 in animal control laws. This puts the owners responsible for what their pets do. It's very interesting and I'll try to find it and link it so others can see it.

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