Jan 15 2008
08:07 am
By: WhitesCreek

Very few folks realize how stupid some of our local municipal laws are...(Not to mention UnConstitutional...The Rockwood curfew law being one obvious example.)

While I'm picking on Rockwood, it looks to me like it is against the law to repair a house between the hours of 5 P.M. and 6 P.M., and after 6 requires a permit which will be granted if it is an emergency. (section 11-202 paragraph H)

While lots of these laws are silly on their face, they were intended to promote the peace. It's just that while intending to do good, a hastily enacted and reactionary legal code can do much more harm than good.

The Harriman Pit Bull law is only one example.

I could easily be wrong, but I read it to say that the Animal Control Officer has life or death power over your pets and there is no right of appeal. This officer decides whether your dog is vicious or has "any" trait of a pit bull, neither of which is defined but left entirely up to the officer's determination.

"Yep! Got four legs with feet, right there on the end of them!"

This kind of bad law happens when politicians and not attorneys make law.

Our municipal codes are not that complicated or long. It wouldn't take that long for a legal committee to go through them and arrive at a consensus of codes that serve the citizens and, at the same time, protect them from the rare official that goes off on a power trip.

I'll try to post links to the Municipal Codes for our cities over on the right.


I just read your post.

I just read your post. Should that be between 5 P.M and 6 A.M.? What is the reasoning behind this? Especially during daylight savings time you could work until 9 P.M.. Didn't realize Rockwood had a curfew. When was this put in place?

The Curfew was enacted in

The Curfew was enacted in 1970. Nobody knew it was there until one officer started busting kids.

The Rockwood code is linked under Local Gov. over on the right. Read it yourself and see what you think.

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