Jan 14 2008
08:16 pm
By: Ray Collett

Once again, last Friday night, "Yonder Hollow" in downtown Rockwood was jumping with over 200 people. The show started at 6;30 with Brandywine from Loudon County, BackPorch Pickers (Fiddling Charlie McCarroll), Westel's Oren family, with their children,(a mandolin wizard all of 9 years old and his brother 15 who is fantastic on the guitar, Mom and Dad harmonizing in some beautiful bluegrass gospel music and ending with "Little Red Kendred, Tim Coffey and Ruth Ann...Spring City's own teenage fiddler,singer Brittney Swafford also drew standing ovations. Great jamming was also in the adjoining rooms. I tell you folks, if you have never been there, and like accoustical and gospel music, you don't know what you are missing. It starts at 6:30,each Friday, a one time donation is asked, and it is licensed by ASCAP and BMI. This is our third year, so it is definately not a shot in the dark. Come and enjoy an evening of fun, music and fellowship in the "Old Bilbrey's Furniture Store Building." Ray Collett


I heard there was an old "opry house" on the second floor of Bilbrey's. Any truth to that? I would love to see it if so.

For you other folks, If all you do is drive by and look in the windows, this is a great venue for Roane County. I plan to be there if at all possible. (I keep saying that and things keep coming up, but I'll get there soon)

ole opry houise......

there was three or four years ago when i was there.....all that is left is a large room and some few remnants of a stage......not very large..... it's hardly what you would think of as a old opry house, most of it is gone......

Muse Watson

Watch this... (link...)

Old Opry House

The upper floor contained an Opera House. Some of the original wall paper remains. Since that area is used for Nick's office, it not used for audiences. The downstairs area is very big, not only consisting of the Bilbrey building, but also the building adjoining it. A doorway has been added connecting the two giving it almost the entire block....Ray Collett

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