Jan 14 2008
12:02 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Randy at has the scoop on two bills that have been introduced that would prevent schools larger than 1200 students from being built and that would allow students to elect to attend the school closest to their home.

School Size

84 high schools in the state have enrollments larger than 1,200; 220 are smaller than 1,200. Passage of this bill would mostly impact large metropolitan areas where most of the schools that fit this category are. In these places cost of land to build a school is expensive and it is certainly hard to find 60 acres in large cities to put a school.

my thoughts are more along

my thoughts are more along the lines of "Why do we need a State Law to take this decision out of the hands of local administrations?"

There's nothing onerous above 1200 or magic about keeping schools below that. It is all about the management structure and how that is set up. Large schools can be handled very badly, but on the other hand, I can name several that folks would like to have their kids go to.

While we are on the subject...

I have been thinking about something. Ya'll scared? You should be!

When I was in High School, our school had this agreement with the local colleges that allowed us to attend the college (Jrs and Srs only) and receive dual credit. Roane County has a similar arrangement for English and Biology (maybe more, I just know of those two), but just think...What if there was a County School near say Roane State that offered Juniors and Seniors an opportunity to take college credit classes as they are currently offered AND allowed highly capable students to take clases offered by the county as well as classes at Roane State. What about a partnership with the Technology Center that offers Tech training? Just a thought!

Also, when we do resolve the school issues, can we think about how far these kids are being bused? We recently moved my son back to Oliver Springs. We live at the very edge of the Oliver Springs School district. It takes about 35 minutes to drive to the school. The bus route takes about an hour. We had transferred him to Roane County High because we are 10 minutes from the school. If consolidating schools means more kids are on the bus for an hour or more, we need another solution.


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