Jan 14 2008
07:31 am
By: WhitesCreek

I was trying to look up the Pit Bull ordinance for Harriman and realized that Harriman's web site hadn't been updated since the minutes for last July.

Folks, this is easy stuff to do. Come on Mayors, get with the best communication tool yet and update your web site. There's all sorts of cheap and even free software tailored for municipalities, so there's no excuse for being slack.

Unless the actual goal is to keep your citizens in the dark?


I've looked at it. Here is

I've looked at it. Here is a web address you can go to and read the ordinance. Go to (link...) and in the left column it will link you to ordinances and charters. When you click that, just click on Harrman and it will bring it up. You will find the animal laws in section 10 of most ordinances. Hope this helps.

Yes but where are the minutes and...

Yes there are the ordinances, but where are the minutes? What about the Agenda that allowed folks to talk about what they want in their community? There is NOTHING mentioned in the March or February minutes. This ordinance is a big deal. What about the guy that owns the new grooming/pet shop near Sears? Is that the City limits? He is a Pit breeder. Can his dogs come to his shop? Can he sell his dogs from the shop? Are landlords responsible for tenant dogs?

Too shocked to finish!

Thanks Refuse2lose

Most municipalities have their ordinances posted somewhere, but sometimes they are hard to find. I like what Oliver Springs has done, by posting theirs right on their local web site. That makes it so much easier.

Then, when we get a bad law, folks have the information they need with which to offer changes.

They don't actually make it easy, but...

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