Mar 1 2011
07:37 pm

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Virtually all of the pets which are hunting breeds have been eliminated from Swan Pond. These are pets of friends and neighbors. Yes, Roane County has a leash requirement/law, however, in Swan Pond, people allow their pets to sniff out rabbits, etc., without a burden to anyone. There are only a few of the pets running the fields and are not a problem to anyone, that is anyone who cares to take a courage stand v. shooting our pets.

To date we, our community, (on the Riverside) have lost the following:

1) 11 year old black (blind / deaf) cocker spaniel. This dog would not leave unless lost his way and had identification tags.

2) Registered black lab female, spayed, and traveling with a registered beagle female, spayed. Both traveled over my fields daily with the beagle speaking to the rabbits...again, no trouble, just hunting and would return home every single day to their kennel.

3) Register beagle male neutered

4) Black male 2 year old beagle

5) Mixed breed yellow/brown dog, male, medium size

6) Mix breed (shepherd) black/brown young male

7) Registered male long haired terrier

One dog returned with a bullet wound and ultimately had to be put down. The dogs (#2 above) never travel alone, are loving dogs who would range the fields along the river, primarily on Adkisson farm land, running rabbits and not bothering anyone's personal property.

Whomever is responsible is a coward and I would love to know just who is the person. Instead of being a coward and shooting pets of families in Swan Pond, along the river, why not man-up and confront the owners...it is clear who owns the dogs...

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