Jan 12 2008
09:22 am
By: WhitesCreek

The RCN has a Friday piece that gives a good overview of the Roane County Constable debate.

I wonder if the options will boil down to either

"Eliminate Roane County Constables" or

"Do nothing."

Both of those seem like bad choices.

Constables may be the one uniformed representatives of County Government closest to the people. Most of us know at least one of them. The ones I am most familiar with myself are solid and trustworthy. I value them most as friends of whom I can ask questions and advice in certain matters, and I value their contribution to the County.

My problem is the lack of oversight, and that's HUGE. I believe that Constables contribute the majority of their service to Roane County in areas other than enforcement. Without some significant addition of oversight and recourse, We have little choice in dealing with a bad actor.

I hope the Commissioners will choose to do something other than "nothing."

Let's look around at other Counties and see what possible solutions may already be in place.

Yep - a good article.

Damon Lawrence did put out a good article there (as I've said, I don't dislike Damon, I dislike some of his phrasing and other choices in news writing. He's young. He'll learn.)

The article gives us a view of both sides.

I can't disagree with your issue about oversight, either, WC. David Olsen, as asinine as he can be at times, has good points to make when he wonders about the effectiveness of the Tennessee Constables Council, which, as the article points out, has no real legal oversight of any constable.

I, too, urge that the Commission do something rather than nothing, and research into how other counties have successfully and amicable achieved resolution of these issues is more than advisable.


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