Jan 10 2008
03:17 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Word on the street is that Gerald Largen's column will be in Friday's Roane County News.

Yes, THAT one. I figure a week of aging has it at the peak of drinkability.

Works for Moonshine, doesn't it?

Nobody has to tiptoe around

Nobody has to tiptoe around Gerald Largen. He's extremely friendly and incredibly knowlegeable about this area and the history of Roane County and it's government. I've even found him open to disagreement and contradiction, but you'd better have your facts straight. He doesn't seem to much like dishonesty though.

After I toured the historic Courtroom in the Old Courthouse in Kingston, I was fascinated by it. It's small but ornate and arranged more as a theater than the production offices that pass as courtrooms today. I asked Gerald what it was like to practice law in it and he laughed and gave me a one word reply..."Primitive" was all he would say.

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