Jan 10 2008
08:13 am
By: WhitesCreek

How dare those Lighting Improvement people want to make our community a nicer place to live!

The letter to the editor tells them to, "Pull down your blinds and leave us alone"... And it tells us "...Wake up people and recognize the menace of tyranny by minority."

OMG! Tyranny!

Only when you read the letter you realize that it's just plain BS.

I suppose if I were playing my music so loud that he couldn't sleep, this guy would just put in ear plugs and hide in his basement and leave me alone, right? Can I cut doughnuts in his lawn with my motorcycle while he's down there? My motorcycle with pipes so loud you can hear it in Crossville?

We have to be thoughtful toward each other in order to live in a good neighborhood. If there were some real reason the guy needed to shine his lights on my bedroom window (other than being afraid of the dark) I would happily oblige. He needs to listen to himself and think about what he's saying. He just wants the right to be a jerk, when you get right down to it...I would be surprised if he's really like that. I suspect that letter is simply a knee jerk reaction to something he doesn't understand.

And he's wrong in saying this is expensive. It saves money. Several businesses in Roane County have already adopted it on their own.

Get it right, Neighbor. Please read the proposal.

Moving away from obsolete lighting is healthier, saves money, gives us a safer community, and we get our stars back...What's not to like?

The only price is that you have to be a good neighbor, and I hope that's not too much to ask of some folks.

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