Jan 9 2008
02:54 pm

This gets "curiouser and curiouser" the longer it goes on, but The Roane County News is touching all the bases and letting every side speak their piece.

This is to be applauded when public tax money is involved. Harriman tax payers have every right to know how their money is spent and whether they are getting what they bargained for.

So here's the Citizen's reading assignment for today. We'll be back with some more questions...make sure you read it all.

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Here it is, in case you have to cut and paste it in your browser to make it work.


It looks like folks are "Lawyering up" though. That seems like an expensive deal for all concerned. Why not sit down and talk about it in a civil manner?

There's way too much posturing and smoke.

I agree, it will probably

I agree, it will probably take some negoitation to settle the claim.
But the Roane County News reporter needs to refresh her English and the use of commas. The statement printed from Parsons & Wright was a simple "disclaimer" that is used by various firms. It was not a statement saying that their report was not an audit.

Based on what I read, I

Based on what I read, I don't think the reporter has made any mistake on this. I've been on both sides of a lot of audits and I've never seen a disclaimer like that on one.

“It is a financial statement would be the easiest way to say it,” said Harriman attorney Harold Balcom.

So far there is one and only one "audit" and that was by the state, and the state called for rely and input from any concerned party, as has been noted on RoaneViews.

My advice to Steve and Jerry is to get out the check book and settle up. This has dragged on too long and it's time to start mending fences.

And let's quit trying to make it look like the Roane County News has done anything except some decent investigative reporting. I don't believe they've been contradicted on one single published fact, so far.

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