My oh my! A way to work on the damnable kudzu infestations pandemic in Tennessee.

In Chattanooga, they're gonna RENT kudzu-eating goats to their citizens! Check it out:

And you get free organic fertilizer in the process!

Happy Munching!



This is the first time I have heard of Chattanooga renting the goats to private citizens, but Chattanooga has used goats as public servants on public land for several years now.

I may have to start raising

I may have to start raising goats. It is a particular breed with sharp hooves, I think. It sure beats herbicides for a large area. I do squirt the vines that spring up on my side of the road from a neighbors kudzu patch.

I take my time and squirt each leaf individually and do my best not to let the stuff hit anything else. So far, it's working.


I've heard that getting a hypodermic needle and injecting Roundup into the vine will kill the whole vine.

Wow...that's new to me

I'd be really excited to see that work. Can I borrow some of your needles?


Sorry, Steve

I really need them.

By the way, there's a monster kudzu patch on Gateway up towards South Harriman that looks like a prime candidate for some Roane goat public servants.

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