Jan 9 2008
07:23 am
By: WhitesCreek

Dennis Kucinich soundly defeated Fred Thompson in yesterday's New Hampshire Presidential Primary. No...Don't wake him up to tell him. Let him sleep.

And regardless of what you will hear on TV today, despite the fact that Hillary got about 4% more votes than Obama, she still got less than 40% of the total and will receive the same number of delegates to the Democratic Nominating Convention.

Unless you believe that the nearly 50,000 votes that John Edwards received will go to Hillary, you need to realize that New Hampshire was in reality...

a Tie!

Here we go again, WC...

I find myself in agreement with your intelligent analysis of that situation. I think you're pretty much on it. We won't be able to tell much until we get into some different states.


The Republican side is

The Republican side is interesting to watch also. Huckabee apparently scares non-evangelical republicans as much as he scares me. Romney can't win without evangelicals and they aren't going to go for a mormon.

So now they have McCain.

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