Jan 8 2008
04:21 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Aren't there some actual serious and important issues that a retiring State Senator work on instead of helping Republicans fire up and energize their right wing base?

Next thing you know, there'll be a Constitutional amendment to prevent gays from adopting children...oh, wait!

Like this, for instance.

Like this, for instance.

Well, sometimes issues aren't Republican or Democrat issues...

Sometimes they're actually across partisan lines and supersede what party label one attaches to oneself.

That fact is verified by WC himself when he said: "To be a "real" Democrat you can't be in lock step. That's a Republican." (Full post at (link...) )

Rather than "helping Republicans," perhaps it should be said that Senator Kilby is simply being consistent with the values he has openly said he held as a person, as a candidate, and as a legislator. That level of consistency is not to be disparaged, IMHO. Sometimes it does require being out of lock step with one party or the other. So his actions represent being true to his own convictions rather than assuming that he HAS to behave a certain way (i.e. lock step) because he's a Democrat. This shows, per definition of WC, that Senator Kilby IS a true Democrat and not a Republican.

In other words, Senator Kilby is not a traitor to his "Democrat-ness" by supporting some of the issues he does, he is only being untrue to WC's ideology or opinion of what he should be doing. I think acceptance of this kind of homogeneity (rather than an unnatural and unhealthy heterogeneity) is a sign of a healthy political process.

So I disagree with the characterization of Kilby's actions as not actually being serious or important. The issues he is addressing ARE both serious AND important in the estimation of a significant number of Tennesseans and to Senator Kilby, regardless of the low regard in which WC holds them. To be sure, WC has EVERY right in the world to hold that position, and it is a position held by a significant number of people. But in Tennessee - and in the regions which Kilby was elected to REPRESENT - they ARE actually serious and important issues, and the Senator's actions are consistent with his own and his constituents' priorities - even if they don't represent the priorities of WhitesCreek.

So Kilby is acting exactly like he was elected to act - elected by both Democrats and Republicans. I can't believe we'd prefer to have elected someone with NO personal convictions, or without the guts to stick to them.


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