Jan 8 2008
02:57 pm

Something I wasn’t aware of but you can now renew tags online in Roane County and do some other things. The site is (link...) . When I received my renewal notice in the mail the website was mentioned. I renewed online without any problems – had to use a credit card. There is a small renewal fee – around $1.50.



This looks like a third party site. Do you know any more about it? The transactions appear to be secure, at first look.

Roane County might be able to keep the revenue in house, say, to hire a really good IT and Web manager or something radical like that.

Third parties are a good way to get it going though. I will definitely consider this.

Now let's just get Countywide Broadband going, ala Morristown, TN.

Kinda off-topic from Earl's original post, but...

"Now let's just get Countywide Broadband going, ala Morristown, TN."

Wherever else you and I might disagree, WC, we agree that this is a good idea and would be a positive step. Given that several on these pages have stated that a pretty extensive fiberoptic infrastructure exists in the county, and assuming that assertion to be true...

Do you know if anybody has approached County Commission and Executive with this information and a proposal to see if they can "make it so"? I don't know the answer to that question. But it would at least be a starting point.


I've talked with Mike Farmer

I've talked with Mike Farmer and he nods his head, but I don't think this is very high on the radar screen.

It should come from the Commission but I don't see a great deal of understanding of this issue there. They are starting to understand about lights, though. (The one's who will listen, anyway)

Well, that's good... a start anyway...

Is there something we could do to help the process? e.g. anything you picked up on that they/he would like more research or info on...

I'd be willing to talk to Mike or most any of the Commissioners.


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