Jan 7 2008
06:30 pm

I just got a peek at Becky's web site and...well...It's a work in progress.

But she can take your donation now.

I think I'll wait a bit until I see just a bit more before I pronounce on it. I know how these things are, having spent the weekend chasing a javascript bug.

Simple and direct.

That's funny, but I guess I shouldn't complain. My own website has languished for some time now. And isn't she now the only candidate in the race online?

I'd bet we see Becky's site

I'd bet we see Becky's site change very fast. The word I get on her is that she's one of the most diligent and effective people in public office, not just a smile for the cameras politician.

Even so, when you have to depend on other folks to do the technical work, it can be frustrating. As it is, we get to sit in the grandstands, eat hot dogs, and play Monday morning quarterback.

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