Jan 3 2008
02:04 pm
By: RoaneBooster

Nice to see Muse Watson make an appearance here!

Best wishes to Muse and his family - hope 2008 is as great as we all hope for!

I'll bet Muse would like for others to put in an appearance at a certain local venue...

Here's a project that's important to Muse AND that has great potential for the community! Check it out!
(link...) Note the seating capacity! This is something that makes the PRINCESS unique in restorable theaters in Tennessee! This project - now spearheaded by Gary Baker of Harriman - holds amazing potential to develop both the arts community and the economic base of the area that could support activities in a theater that can seat up to 850 people.

The PRINCESS is basically architecturally sound, although renovation needs to continue. That takes funding. There's lots that can be done - from live shows, to studios for both educational and production uses in TV and radio broadcasting.



You are absolutely right. Everyone interested in the five county region should watch the video mentioned:


We are working hard to make some things happen that will benefit the region. When the time comes for public announcements and support, i hope everyone will understand what a huge impact this project and the associated projects can have. I'll be there....i hope you ALL will.

Muse Watson

Watch this... (link...)

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