Jan 3 2008
08:54 am
By: WhitesCreek

More from our hike in Whites Creek Gorge.

click the photo again for a larger view

There is the remnant of an old stone house under the overhang of the upper cliff. I've heard that it was a moonshiner's shack and also where a deserter hid out during one of the World Wars. The cliff wall is the first place I ever encountered the carnivorous Silene Rotundiflora...Be carefull. They are everywhere...;>)

The rock formation in the lower part of the picture is a table rock supported by a crumbling post of shale like rock. It's a bit scary to walk behind but impressive nonetheless.

This is a COOL picture!

I really like this one.

As a paddler, I bet you've been up the Obed near the Cumberland/Morgan line. It can be kinda shallow up there, but upstream from where the "road/bridge" goes over from Morgan to Cumberland, there's that nice blue hole with some serious flat rocks in the river bed. Then downstream a bit from the bridge there's "The Devil's Breakfast Table" (across, kinda on the Cumberland side) - which is a really neat table rock formation.

Years and years ago a bunch of us were up there and had a family friend break her leg when she slipped trying to cross on some of those big upstream flat rocks.

I had taken a bunch of pics with an old Graflex twin lens reflex sheet film camera. Wish I had those old pics. There were some good uns!

Seeing this pic, and the ones Muse put in from Clifty Creek (how I remember trips to the Pepper Box, etc), brought back many memories. Anybody remember when there was the area near the little blue hole, downstream a bit from the Pepper Box, where Boy Scouts went to camp all the time (on the Roane County side)? There was almost always the skeleton of a lean-to, so it was easier to make a little roof for some shelter.


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