Jan 2 2008
08:04 am
By: WhitesCreek

A Lighting story in the RCN has good info on the Lighting Improvement initiative being presented by SRSS.

The Damon Lawrence piece clearly shows how some folks who are normally intelligent and thoughtful can get completely closed minded on an issue when their chain gets pulled.

Commissioner Olsen, one of our better County Commissioners usually, seems to have gone out of his way to completely misunderstand what this is all about, and doesn't appear to have read the proposed resolution.

Roane Alliance's Leslie Henderson acts like she thinks destroying Roane County's quality of life is just fine as long as she can bring in a new "cookie cutter" business. I think Leslie knows better than that.

The Lighting Improvement folks are coming off as forward thinkers who are willing to educate and compromise and have gotten unanimous approval from the Planning Commission and the Environmental Revue Board.

The Industrial Development Board is looking stupid at this point by, so far, refusing to even listen to what the folks who care about the Quality of life on Roane County have to say.

This is an easy fix. It's time for one of two things to happen. Either the Industrial board needs to wise up and each member start thinking for themselves, or the County Commission needs to start governing with Roane County's people in mind.

It is time for minds to open in Roane County.

From an email

Thanks to Damon Lawrence for a good summary article, although I must admit that I squirmed a couple of times and that I wish that SRSS had been discussed first. I liked his closing emphasis on compromise.

Commissioner Olsen was quoted as saying that Light Conservation is only "for a few people who have a telescope." Not only does Olsen refuse to visit the observatory -- he doesn't do his homework either. One might ask if he really represents people's thinking in west end (Roane County) Oak Ridge community.

The article is correct though, in that the lighting conservation issue is entering a new phase, and we need the support of local citizens and astronomers to save energy and protect our skies, our highway safety, and our home security. Please help as you can.

I agree that Olsen is in his own world on this one. I think he's been a good Commissioner so if he does some homework on Lighting Improvement and understands that, just like your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins, bad light is just bad light. it's for neighbors who don't understand...or they just want to be jerks.

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