Jan 2 2008
01:31 am
By: lisawalker
Love I made it myself

Well hello My name is Lisa I found this site when i was looking up the Roane Reader.And I thought I would just make an account here.
First off I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!I had to work New Years Eve which is fine with me cause im not the type to "Party".I am a Cna and I love taking care of people and getting to know them it is such a blessing to me to be able to just sit for just a min before I go home and Pray with these people who ask me too.They only know me as lisa and they only see me at night time because I work night shift.But I must say I love them all dearly they are the best.Im so glad christmas is over gosh I lost my Grandmother in 2006 and the holidays are still hard on me but I can get through it because of my Patients oh my they help so much a lot of them remind me of her and that makes it special and thats why we take such good care of them.Because they are humans and that is there HOME and when I hear someone has been mean to one of those special people it makes me so mad.I have to say my work place has no Abuse towards our elderly People Thank God.I work at Rockwood Care&Rehab center in Rockwood Tn I love it if we are short on staff our own DON and Adminstrator will come in and work the floor and that means so much to me.If your wanting to know something about The nursing home call 865-354-3366 and they will direct your call to the right person.I hope you have a wonderful week I hope to come back and get to know you all God Bless you all!!!!



Welcome aboard!

and Happy New Year! Keep taking good care of your folks!


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